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Logitech MX Keys Plus

Logitech MX Keys Plus is a keyboard that is designed for people who are looking for a wireless keyboard with a lot of features. The keys on this keyboard are made from durable material and the device includes 4 devices, which means it can be used for multiple tasks such as typing, drawing, or gaming.

Introduction: Logitech MX Keys Plus

Logitech has created a new keyboard for PC gamers, which allows a user to program a quick launch button for any other keyboard key. The Logitech MX Keys Plus is different from the standard QWERTY format in that it uses circular buttons in place of flat ones. These keys are also raised, giving them an ergonomic shape that enables you to easily find them when playing games in the dark.

Design: Logitech MX Keys Plus is a compact keyboard with a built-in wrist pad

It is irritating to have your wrists contort in strange ways when you are typing for long periods of time. Logitech has made a compact keyboard with a built-in wrist pad to help avoid this and maintain healthy typing habits. This article will compare the Logitech MX Keys Plus to three other ergonomic keyboards that we reviewed and break down their pros and cons.


Logitech is a world-renowned computer peripheral company that makes keyboards, mice, and other devices. Recently, they released the MX Keys Plus, which features an ergonomic design. The keyboard features curved key surfaces that are convenient to type on while preventing the user’s hands from touching each other. The MX Keys Plus also can be configured to suit any user’s needs with its multiple function keys. It also comes with a mousepad for maximum comfort when typing or gaming.

Conclusion: Overall, the Logitech MX Keys Plus keyboard is an excellent choice for owners of PCs and Macs alike.

The Logitech MX Keys Plus is a great keyboard for people who own a PC. This is because it has many features that are important to the everyday user. The keys are curved, which reduces fatigue and eliminates the need for a palm rest. In addition, it comes with two USB ports on the edge of the keyboard. Lastly, this device also has three buttons under the space bar that can be programmed to specific keystrokes or macros for easy access.

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